What Does Weight Training Do for Your Body?

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Today, more than ever before, there are a lot of people who want to be more active and are looking for the perfect form of exercise for them. A lot of people want something that is vigorous, and that will provide the maximum result with the least amount of time input. Others may just want to build some muscle or improve muscle tone. This is why weight training has been rapidly growing in popularity over the past few years.

Weight training is intense, but it doesn’t require a ton of time and equipment either. It is an excellent way to really maximize the results you see from limited workout time. When you have proper form, weight training is actually a full body exercise that can dramatically improve your strength, along with the way you look and feel. This is an area of exercise that is more prone to injury than others, but with proper guidance and diligence, it gives you a lot of proverbial bang for your exercise buck.

What follows is a brief guide on the ways that your body benefits from weight training, as well as a short section on how to choose a good lifting belt, which will not only help your form and improve your workout, it will also help reduce your risk of injury as well.

How Does Weight Training Benefit the Body?

Weight training is good for the body for a wide range of reasons. Most people immediately think of top heavy body builders, but that is not the same thing as weight training. With weight training, the idea is to improve strength, rather than simply focus on muscle definition and look.

One of the benefits of improved body strength is that you will naturally sit with better posture. This is because your core and back muscles are stronger, making it easier to stay in the correct position.

Having strong muscles can also reduce your likelihood of injury and allow you to lift more. There is even research that shows a correlation between moderate weight training and a reduced likelihood of osteoporosis.

Weight training is a great way to firm and tone specific problem areas.  You can easily tackle flabby arms or a butt that you want more toned with a weight training machine, you can do squats, dead lifts, etc. There are tons of different activities that will help you get that dream body.

It can also facilitate weight loss in that it helps to increase the amount of lean muscle you have, which can boost your metabolism. This will make it easier to lose weight and less likely that you gain a ton of weight.

To see even better results, having a balanced, clean diet will also help keep you in shape and healthy to boot. A lot of people like to mix in some cardio here and there with their weight training as a way to help ramp up the weight loss effects of exercise and jump start loss. It is also important not to overdo it and to take rest days when directed by your trainer. Your body needs time to heal and inadequate recovery time is a bit factor behind a lot of injury.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Lifting Belt

The first thing you need to consider is how much you want to spend on a lifting belt. It might seem fine to just choose the cheapest option and move on, but this would be a mistake. If you take your time and buy a quality lifting belt, chances are it is the only one you will ever need. You also reduce wasted research time with a preset budget as you don’t spend time researching potential options, only to find they are outside of your budget.

It might seem like a lifting belt is a lifting belt, but there are some differences. Unless you are practicing Olympic style lifts, you will be better off with a powerlifting belt as opposed to a weight lifting belt. They give you better support for a wide range of types of lifts.

You will also want to determine what type of buckle closure you want on your belt. Weight training belts often have Velcro closures, which is another reason that so many people feel they are sub-par to powerlifting belts. Pretty much all powerlifting belts will have a buckle closure. You will have a choice between lever closure, single prong closure, or double prong closure.

It’s all about the ease of removal. The lever closure will be the easiest to remove, but also the least secure of the three types. The double prong closure is incredibly secure, but it can be frustrating to remove. The single prong, which most people choose, is a nice medium between security and ease of removal.


Weight training should not be confused with body building, one is for looks and weight training is for health. A lot of people swear by weight training as you get an intense, full body workout without having to spend hours upon hours in the gym. Weight training is an excellent way to jump start weight loss, to improve your muscle tone and definition, and to gain bulk and muscle mass.

This is great for your body for a number of reasons. Weight training means stronger muscles and bones. This reduces your risk of injury and can even reduce your risk of degenerative issues later in life like osteoporosis. It is easier to lift things when you have strong muscles and you naturally have better posture. Another great thing about weight lifting is that it doesn’t require a ton of equipment to partake in. This means it is a more affordable fitness endeavor than something like tennis or golf. All you really need is a stable surface, a lifting belt, weights, and perhaps, a mirror to watch your form.

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