Top 10 Strength Training Blogs to Follow

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Sometimes it seems like there is at least one blog for every human in existence and experience has shown us that not all blogs provide quality content and information. When looking for new blogs related to a specific interest, such as strength training and related information of interest to the strength training community, it can be frustrating to try to parse through all the options to find the good stuff.

The internet really is a treasure trove of the best and worst we have to offer. There are top quality blogs that provide valuable, well sourced information that is helpful to people around the globe. Then, there are keyword stuffed blog posts that are nonsensical or provide very little substance. Some are too salesy and others don’t give us any tips on the type of products or equipment that would be helpful to a newbie. To make a long story short, it can be hard to sift through all this to find a site that provides a nice blend of entertainment and useful information.

What follows are 10 of our favorite strength training related blogs that provide up to date, helpful information that is accessible.

Top 10 Blogs to Follow

This list is not an exhaustive list of great blogs to follow. Rather, it is just a brief rundown of some of the more popular blogs on the web.

1) Muscle & Brawn

Muscle & Brawn is an excellent source of regularly updated, high quality information that is centered around weight lifting and strength training. This blog has been around for a few years and has garnered a large following due to its high-quality information, collection of tips and hints, and even valuable books that will help you get the most out of your efforts.

The blog also features a shop that links to recommended products. It also boasts a retinue of different workout routines that are proven to be highly effective. There is even a forum that allows followers from around the world to stay in touch, exchange information, and share tips and hints with each other.

2) Simply Shredded

Simply Shredded is a blog that was created by James Follacchio and is designed to provide a lot of valuable information to weight lifting enthusiasts around the world. The blog has been around for a few years and provides a range of different content.

There are tips and hints articles. They provide lists of great gear or even songs that are great to lift to. They also do in depth interviews with other lifters, which can be immensely fascinating.

3) Tony Gentilcore

Tony Gentilcore is the blog of, well Tony Gentilcore, who is himself a strength coach. He provides a range of high quality articles that give solid, helpful information that is targeted towards strength trainers across a range of different skill levels.

His writing has been featured in a range of well-known publications including Men’s Health.

4) Eat, Lift & Be Happy

Eat, Lift & Be Happy is another popular blog founded by Neghar Fonooni. It features a range of different content that has an emphasis on weight lifting as the preferred form of physical fitness. The author also provides a range of diet and lifestyle hints as well.

She has developed a “Lean & Lovely” health system that has been featured in Men’s Health and Strength. It is a 12 week body transformation program.

5) Lift Like A Girl

Lift Like A Girl, founded by Nia Shanks is a site that is devoted to cutting through all the nonsense of the internet to help women find real, helpful information related to lifting and strength training. The blog is very popular and has received a number of fitness blog awards and has been featured on

6)  Strength Sensei

This is an incredibly popular blog that was founded by Charles Poliquin. It has been a favorite blog of choice in the strength training community for years. Poliquin is known as one of the best and most successfully strength coaches around, and his blog provides a wealth of valuable information.

He has trained Olympic athletes and even has his own training facility and line of supplements.

7) T Nation

This is a popular blog for those who really take lifting to the next level, often called the best blog for those who are really into hardcore training. The site is a comprehensive compendium of articles that detail every aspect of muscle building and strength training.

Their writers and contributors include some of the best-known names in the world of strength training and they provide a range of helpful information, tips, tricks, and even specific exercise routines.

8) Girls Gone Strong

Girls Gone Strong is one of the most popular strength training blogs that is dedicated to helping women become strong, lean, and toned. The blog material is widely varied, featuring articles on the best type of nutrition for lifting, exercise routines, and how to take recovery seriously.

The blog is written by registered dietitians, personal trainers, and even certified strength and conditioning coaches, meaning that you can trust the information you read on this site. They recently unveiled their own unique strength training system for women called The Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training.

9) Elite FTS

Elite FTS is one of the most popular and trusted blogs related to strength training on the internet. The site is managed and run by a range of people that have a background as strength training coaches and personal trainers.

The site features articles, educational material, and other resources that will help you get started in strength training. The site also features a podcast, videos, and a store that links to recommended products.

10) Diesel Crew

This is a site that is really more geared towards those who have been lifting weights for a good period of time and are looking for tips as to how to get the absolute most out of your performance. They feature videos and articles that detail rehab, recovery, nutrition, and enhanced performance.

The site features a comprehensive range of guides that show you the proper way to do lots of different strength training exercises. There are even a number of eBooks that are written to help you reach your maximum performance.


If you are looking for good information and entertaining reads, look no further than the blogs we have described here. These are great blogs that feature tons of useful information and other resources that are very helpful for people across a range of different skill levels. Whether you are looking for dietary advice, actual routines, or instructional videos, these sites will provide all this and then some.

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