The Ins and Outs of Lifting Belt Securing Mechanisms

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Lifting weights is a great, high intensity way to burn fat, build muscle, and get the most out of your workout efforts. A lot of people love to life weights as it is a fast, effective way to work out multiple parts of the body at the same time. One of the great things about weight lifting is that it doesn’t require a ton of equipment like other types of sports and fitness endeavors. All you really need is a place where you can gain steady footing, weights of course, a mirror if you want to look at your form, and a good lifting belt.

It might seem like cost is really the only concern one should have when choosing a lifting belt, but there is actually a little bit more that goes into it. It might not seem like it should be complicated, but there are different kinds of lifting belts that have different forms of securing mechanisms. Some are secured with a Velcro strap, others are secured with a buckle mechanism. These mechanisms can be lever closed, double prong, or single prong.

What follows is a brief guide as to what you will need to consider when looking for the best lifting belt for your needs, followed by a brief review of three different belts that feature different buckle styles.

Things to Consider When Buying a Lifting Belt

Firstly, you should set out a budget for yourself, but keep in mind that it can be worth it to spend a little extra to get a really high quality lifting belt. A good belt can last a lifetime, so it makes sense to invest in quality. Also, once you have your budget set, it will be much easier to eliminate any potential option that falls outside your budget.

You will also need to decide between a weight and a powerlifting belt. It might seem like these are two interchangeable words, but they are actually different.

A weight lifting belt is wider in the back and thinner in the front. It is often made from synthetic lightweight material, and may feature a Velcro closure. A powerlifting belt is the same width all the way around, thicker, and made from heavy duty leather. It is secured with a metal buckle.

Unless you are training for Olympic lifting, you are probably best off getting a powerlifting belt as they provide more support and comfort for the common types of lifts than a weight lifting belt does.

Now, we come to the closure type. Another reason to select the powerlifting belt over the weight lifting belt is that they pretty much all have a buckle closure. You want a belt that is secure and that won’t fall off in the middle of a lift.

The main types of closures on these belts are lever closures, single prong, and double prong closures. Lever closure is the easiest to get open, but it isn’t as secure as the other types of closure. Single prongs are secure and stable, but are still pretty easy to put on and take off. Double prongs may win when it comes to looks, but they can be frustrating to take off and the added security isn’t really enough to justify the hassle.

Iron Bull Strength Double Prong Powerlifting Belt

Iron Bull Strength makes a range of fitness related accessories, including a heavy duty, top of the line powerlifting belt. A great buy at around $55, this is a high end, double pronged belt that is made with the finest materials to stand the test of time. The belt is built to withstand rigorous regular use. It is made from a suede leather that makes the belt softer and more comfortable to wear.

The belt provides the right amount of stability and back support to help ensure proper form and safe lifting. The double pronged closure makes for an eye catching and super secure fit.

Flexz Fitness Single Prong Powerlifting Belt

Flexz Fitness offers another high quality offering for a durable, long lasting and comfortable powerlifting belt. Their single pronged belt is a great value at around $50 and features slide free suede lining for a more comfortable and secure fit. The belt is designed to give you proper form and support where you need it, reducing the likelihood of exercise related injury.

The belts comply with most competition regulations, meaning they are professional quality as well.

RDX Lever Buckle Powerlifting Belt

RDX offers a number of different fitness related accessories, including a lever buckle powerlifting belt that is made from heavy duty leather with durable, sturdy stitching. At around $50, this is a great value for a high-quality lifting belt that will enhance your performance without breaking the bank. The belt is made from nubuck leather.

The lever buckle closing mechanism makes it easy to loosen or remove the belt, without sacrificing the security of the closure.


When it comes to lifting belts, they aren’t all created equal. There are different kinds of lifting belts, and they are made from different materials with different types of closure mechanisms. When deciding what works best for you, you will first need to choose between a weight lifting and a powerlifting belt. For the reasons we described, we recommend powerlifting belts in pretty much all instances. Once you have selected the type of belt, you will want to consider what type of closure you want.

Since powerlifting belts will always be secured with a buckle, it is the details of the mechanism that you will need to choose between. You can choose a lever closure buckle if you want security, but also to be able to take off the belt with ease. Single prong belts are a great blend of security and easy of removal. Double pronged belts are the most secure, but they can be frustrating to remove. Which of these things is most important to you will guide your choice.

Whether you choose one of the options we briefly review here, or use this as starting point for further research, you are now armed with what you need to know to choose the perfect lifting belt for your needs.

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