Serious Steel Fitness Leather Weight Lifting Belt Review

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Serious Steel Fitness Leather Weight Lifting Belt

Wearing a weight lifting belt is one of the things you shouldn’t forget, especially if you are to do exercises like power lifts and dead lifts. There are lots of weight lifting belts available online,  with most models made of leather. The most oft-heard complaint about a leather weight lifting belt, however, is that it is so stiff that folding it up and stashing it in a bag can be quite a challenge. The Serious Steel Fitness leather weight lifting belt, however, isn’t that stiff unlike other leather weight lifting belts.

Aside from not being as stiff as other leather weight lifting belts, there are other things that you’d like about this Serious Steel Fitness leather weight lifting belt. One is the price; it is reasonably priced that you won’t be breaking the bank in case you eventually buy it. Another is the double prong design that ensures it won’t easily loosen when you’re lifting heavy weights. The leather is also durable that you can be assured that this belt will last for a long time.


  • 4 inches wide
  • 3/8 inches thick
  • Double prong design
  • With suede lining
  • Black color


You should consider getting this weight lifting belt because of the following reasons:

  • It is appropriate for competition weight lifting as well as general weight lifting
  • It is easy to put on and put off; so you can get to exercise right away
  • Its suede lining in the interior is able to whisk sweat
  • It is very durable
  • The price is very reasonable
  • It’s not as stiff as other leather weight lifting belts
  • It is shipped in a long box so that the belt would arrive without the leather being bent
  • The buckle holds tight and prevents the belt from loosening especially when you lift heavy weights
  • The belt is thick but not stiff; it has a premium feel to it
  • Very lightweight and compact; won’t take up precious space in your gym bag
  • The stitching of the belt is very sturdy
  • Provides solid support to the back or spine while you are lifting weights
  • The black color design gives it a very attractive look
  • Very comfortable to wear


However there are some issues raised by reviewers on this belt. You might have to deal with these issues if and when you buy this belt such as:

  • Sizing of the belt is not precise. Some users say that the belt they ordered was one size smaller. However, the manufacturer reminds potential buyers that their pant size should not be used as an indicator of their weight lifting belt size. It also says that buyers should measure themselves while wearing a sweat shirt to get the right size.
  • There’s some break in required although most reviewers on say that the period is short, about 2-3 weeks


There are other leather weight lifting belts available in the market today which you might want to compare with this Serious Steel Fitness model. One similar product is the Ader leather power belt which is also four inches wide and 3/8 inches thick. The said product is also made of top quality  leather with a soft suede lining, and a double prong roller buckle. Plus the said belt has the same black color as that of the Serious Steel Fitness leather weight lifting belt.

But the Ader leather belt has been getting some flak for being so stiff. Breaking in the said belt can also take a few months, as per reviews by many of its owners on  While you can say that breaking in is something you can expect from any item made of genuine leather, you wouldn’t really want to wait for several months before you become accustomed to using the Ader leather power belt.

Another leather weight lifting belt that you might want to take a look at is the Valeo 4-inch padded leather belt. It is made of cowhide leather with double stitch edges, double loops, and a suede lining the interior as well. However, the main issue that consumers have with the Valeo four inch padded leather belt is the quality of the material. It has been described by many reviewers on as being cheaply made.


The Serious Steel Fitness leather weight lifting belt is highly recommended for you as it is durable and affordable. Unlike other leather belts, this belt won’t require a long break-in period. It is also lightweight and compact thus you can roll it up and stash it on your bag.  You just have to be careful in measuring your waist so that you can get the right size, if and when you buy this belt.

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