RDX Cow Hide Leather Gym 4″ Weight Lifting Belt Review

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Wearing a weight lifting belt while you perform exercises like power lifts and dead lifts is one of the best decisions you’ll make as a health buff. As studies have shown, the use of weight lifting belts significantly reduces the risks of injuries as it provides sufficient support to the spine. It can also enable you to use more of your legs when you lift a heavy weight, instead of overextending the back.

There are numerous weight lifting belts available online but the RDX Cow Hide Leather Gym 4″ Weight Lifting Belt Back is perhaps the best right now.  You can visit its Amazon.com page and you’ll read lots of positive reviews about it. Not only are satisfied owners of this belt raving about how durable it is; they are also impressed with the very reasonable price of this weight lifting accessory.

This weight lifting belt is made of authentic buffalo leather with suede cowhide leather lining up the interior to prevent bacterial buildup and wick sweat. The back part is 4 inches wide, providing superior support to the back and spine. Plus it has a double pronger that secures the belt against the body, and preventing it from loosening even as you lift heavy weights.


The following are the key features of this weight lifting belt:

  • Its exterior is made of original cowhide leather
  • Its interior is lined with authentic cowhide suede that provides cushion against heavy pressure
  • It has a double pronged roller buckle
  • It has reinforced stitching with superior sweat wicking ability


There are a lot of things that Amazon.com reviewers love about this weight lifting belt. Among these are:

  • It is not too hard to tighten or loosen the belt; which means that users can start on their exercises right away
  • The belt is well made as shown by its reinforced stitching
  • The material from which the belt is made of is strong and durable
  • It has a subtle blue color which makes it different from the other belts available in the market which are usually in brown and black
  • Because it has a different color, users say they can easily identify the belt
  • It suits both female and male bodybuilders
  • It has a very reasonable price tag
  • It is comfortable to wear
  • The double pronger keeps the belt against the body; it won’t get in the way of your body while you lift heavy weights
  • It looks good
  • It doesn’t roll up
  • The suede interior is able to handle sweat and bacteria build-up quite well
  • The spacing of the holes is good that most users say they were able to find the perfect fit for them


However, there are a few complaints on this weight lifting belt such as:

  • The leather on the loops and belly flap is said to be dry. Some customers say they had to put leather oil to that part of the belt
  • Other reviewers commented that the XL size is still small for them.
  • Some users say this could have been better if the front part is 4 inches wide as well, as this could anchor the abs while doing squats
  • It emits a weird smell especially when you take it out of the package


There are other good weight lifting belts in the market that you might want to compare against this RDX cow hide leather gym belt. One is the Ader Leather power lifting belt which has a black color and a size of 4 inches wide. Both the RDX and Ader leather belts are made of high quality leather, with suede lining for superior comfort. Both are also durable and well-assembled.

However the usual complaint on the Ader leather belt is that it can be hard to unlatch the buckle so you might encounter some difficulties in removing it from time to time.

If you’re looking for a belt made of material other than leather, then check out the Schiek Sports original nylon lifting belt. Aside from being made of nylon, the belt features a Velcro closure. The usual comment, though, is that the nylon belts are not as sturdy as leather belts.

Final Verdict

It’s not surprising why the RDX Cow Hide Leather Gym 4″ Weight Lifting Belt is getting a lot of favorable reviews on Amazon.com. This belt is well-made, durable, and affordable. Its color makes it stand out from the other typical brown and black colors that weight lifting belts are known for.

Plus, it is easy to get on/off this belt something that cannot be said of other models. These qualities make this RDX cow hide leather gym belt an excellent choice if you’re shopping for a weight lifting belt.

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