Choosing the Best Nike Lifting Belt

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Weight lifting is a great way to build muscle mass, improve tone and definition, and even a way to help improve your posture. There are tons of reasons why more and more men and women alike swear by weight training as the best form of exercise for their needs. Not only is it a fast and effective way to get and stay in shape, there are tons of benefits associated with lifting weights as well. The technique is easy to learn but takes time and diligence to perfect, but once you have your form down, you will quickly begin to see results.

Science has vindicated what many people have long said about weight lifting, that it is an effective way to strengthen your body and that when done properly, it has a huge range of different benefits. Strengthening your muscles and bones will help your posture, reduce your risk of injury, and also reduce your risk of certain degenerative diseases often associated with aging.

Weight training is a great way to burn fat and build lean muscle mass. As you gain lean muscle mass, you will also see a boost in your metabolism, which will help you maintain a healthy weight as well.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Lifting Belt

Aside from weights, a solid surface, and a mirror, you don’t need much in the way of equipment beyond a belt. Belts fell out of fashion for about a decade as there was some debunked misinformation spread about wearing belts that they acted as a crutch and reduced the effectiveness of your workout efforts. Much science has proven this wrong and the benefits are become so clear that there has been a big up tick in the number of people who wear lifting belts.

You will want to determine whether or not you want a weight lifting belt or a powerlifting belt. For beginners and those who are only going to be doing basic lifts, a weight lifting belt works just fine and is often more affordable than a powerlifting belt. For those who are going to be doing a lot of intense lifts like dead lifts or squats, a powerlifting belt may be a better option. The belts we review in this piece are both weight lifting belts in their design, as these are well suited to the novice.

The main difference between these types of belt is their basic construction. Weight lifting belts are wider on one side than the other, whereas a powerlifting belt is the same width all the way around. Powerlifting belts are thicker and made from tougher material, whereas weight lifting belts often have padding and are made from a more lightweight material.

 Nike Strength Training Belt

 Nike is about more than just high quality shoes. The brand is trusted and reputable when it comes to the highest quality fitness and sports related gear and accessories. From golf gear to socks, Nike sells tons of different high quality products that meet the varied needs of active people around the world. They also make a range of different training belts that are designed to help promote proper posture, improve your form, and also reduce your risk of injury while lifting.

Their Strength Training Belt is a great buy at less than $25, making it perfect for the beginning weight lifter and the expert alike. The belt is constructed from heavy duty materials, meaning it will stand the test of time, even with vigorous use. It also features a steel roller belt buckle which will keep the belt firmly in place, but that is also easy to remove.

The belt helps you get a better footing and posture due to the way you stand when wearing the belt. It provides support and stability for your back, reducing the pressure and tension it must handle. It also helps you stand in such a way as to allow your legs to bear a lot of the weight burden – when you don’t wear a belt, you might not be in proper form which means your back ends up carrying more of the brunt of the weight than it should.

 Nike Structured Training Belt

Nike is a trusted and well-known brand that makes a range of different fitness and sport related products. Perhaps best known for their footwear, Nike makes a lot more than just shoes, including clothes, sports accessories, and fitness accessories like lifting belts. Their Strength Training Belt is a great value at less than $75 and will really help you take your exercise efforts to the next level.

The belt is designed with cutting edge materials that provide an excellent combination between comfort and utility. The Strength Training Belt features soft inserts for your back to provide additional comfort and support while lifting. The design of the belt helps to encourage proper lifting posture, reducing your risk from injury due to improper lifting.

The belt is firmly secured with a steel roller buckle and has perforations to provide ventilation to the belt so that you don’t get hot and sticky from wearing the belt.


When it comes to getting in shape and building muscle mass, tone, and definition, it is hard to beat the results you see from weight training. This is an effective, intense way to get a full body workout without having to spend hours at the gym every day. There are a ton of reasons that more and more people are lifting weights as their primary means of exercise, from the ability to bulk up and build muscle, to the ability to help jump start your metabolism.

Both men and women swear by weight lifting as a great way to get the body you’ve always dreamed of and science is proving them right. Studies have shown that weight lifting helps improve overall muscle and bone strength, which helps you maintain proper posture, reduces your risk of injury, and can even reduce the risk of developing something like osteoporosis. This is because stronger muscles and bones can handle the rigors of daily life and aging better than an unfit body.

We briefly discussed two different strength training belts from the trusted brand Nike. Both of these options are a great way to get the most out of your exercise efforts while helping to ensure proper form, posture, and support in the process. Whether you choose one of the belts we review here, or use this guide as a starting point for your research, you now have the information you need to make the perfect choice for your wants and needs.

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