Ader Leather Power Lifting Weight Belt- 4″ Review

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Are you looking for a cheap yet reliable power lifting weight belt? Then consider getting the Ader Leather power lifting weight belt. This is a 4 inch wide, black colored weight lifting belt that can aid in reducing the stress on your back. It can also help keep your posture while you perform deadlifts and powerlifts.

Ader Leather Power Lifting Weight Belt has a very affordable price tag. It is unlikely that you’ll think twice about purchasing the said belt when you see its price. Despite being affordable, the belt is made of good quality leather. From the accounts of those who have used it, this belt is also easy to put on/off.


The following are the key features of this weight lifting belt:

  • 3/8” thick
  • 4 inches wide
  • Made of quality leather
  • With soft suede lining for superior comfort
  • Easy to use closure system with a double prong seamless roller buckle
  • Single loop for securing the belt
  • Available in black color


Reviewers on have very good feedback on this weight lifting belt. They say that this belt has the following advantages/benefits:

  • It is very heavy duty
  • The leather is very stiff that it might need some breaking in
  • It is easy to get on/off because of its single loop
  • With eight sizing holes allowing users to find the perfect fit for them
  • With enough holes for adjusting fit, users wont have to worry about bulking up or losing weight which is common in cycles
  • The double stitching makes the belt durable
  • The double stitching holds just fine unless you are an Olympic-caliber weight lifter
  • It has a very reasonable price tag
  • The quality of the leather material is comparable to those of other more expensive belts
  • The belt has the same size/width at the back and up front
  • Sizing is accurate for most reviewers
  • It feels secure and stable when you wrap it around your midsection
  • It can help stabilize the back and spine during deadlifts
  • It can help improve the performance of its users


However, there are a few complaints on this weight lifting belt such as:

  • The breaking in period can take some weeks although this can be hastened by soaking the belt and then leaving it in the car or under the sun
  • Because the leather is stiff, some reviewers found it hard to get in and out of the belt. The stiffness of the belt also caused some users to have some bruises. These incidents underline the need for the leather to be broken in first before the belt can be used.
  • The belt comes in the very conventional black color, which doesn’t make it really a stand out as far as looks is concerned.


If you’re the type of shopper who wants to compare items first before making a purchase, you would likely want to know one or two belts that are similar to this Ader power lifting weight belt. One belt that is very similar to this Ader model is the Serious Steel Fitness leather weight lifting belt which is also 4 inches wide, with a suede lining, and comes in a stylish black design. And reviews on also indicate that the Serious Steel Fitness weight lifting belt is made of stiff leather that also requires some breaking in.

However, the usual complaint of those who have used or bought the Serious Steel Fitness belt is that it doesn’t as many holes as they would have liked it. Some even had to punch extra holes so that the belt would fit them.

If you’re wary of leather belts and their stiffness, you might want to consider getting the  Schiek Nylon Lifting Belt. Like the other leather belts, this one is about 4 inches wide. The main difference though is that the Schiek model is made of nylon which isn’t as stiff as leather. It also has a one-way Velcro system for widening at the front. The most common issue being raised on this belt, however, is durability. It is not surprising because nylon isn’t as tough or durable as leather.

Final Verdict

The Ader leather power lifting weight belt has one real issue—it is so stiff that it would require some breaking in. The breaking-in period may also take some time. It’s not impossible that it would take up to a few months for the leather to become more flexible.

Yet you can also view that issue as a proof of how durable the leather is. This belt is likely to be useful for you for many years thanks to its durability. And don’t forget the price of this belt as well. Clearly this is one of the best value-for-money weight lifting belts around.

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